The Pilates method as I teach it

The Pilates method as I was taught and as I teach it, is a continuation of the work proposed by Ron Fletcher, one of the “Elders” or “Pilates Elders”, the name given to the first students of Joseph Pilates.
It is based on scientific research published in 1999 on the stabilization of spinal segments, which demonstrates the benefit of the neutral position of the spine in exercises used for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from lower back pain.
Thus, the 34 movements of the original matwork repertoire of Joseph Pilates were modified taking into account this research, in order to allow people at the beginning of learning to perform them in complete safety using the neutral position of the spine, this which makes it possible to optimize the synergistic work of the deep muscles (notably the Transverse Abdomen and the lumbar part of the Multifidus). This work focused on the stabilization of the segments (pelvic and scapular stabilization) once acquired, allows mobilization work and guarantees progression to higher levels in complete safety.
I favor a personalized approach taking into account each person’s posture.
For this, I strongly recommend starting learning the method with a few solo lessons (one to one).
Once the basics have been acquired, the student can decide to extend this almost tailor-made work, or to share their session in a friendly atmosphere in a duo, trio or four (maximum in a group lesson).
Finally, in addition to the machines originally designed by Joseph Pilates: the Reformer, the Cadillac (in their compact form: the Alegro Tower from BalancedBody), the Wunda Chair and the Spine Corrector (Pilates arch), I use a wide range of small equipment such as the BOSU, the Foam Roller, the Swiss Ball, the Pilates Circle…
My teaching team is made up of: Michael King: Michael King has been practicing Pilates for over 34 years, first as a dancer with the London School of Contemporary Dance company. He opened his own studio “Body Control” in London in 1982 and two years later he accepted the position of director of the Pilates studio at the “Houston Ballet Company” (Texas), where he remained until 1990.
During this During this period, he traveled across the United States and continued his training in various studios.
In New York with Carla Trèves and Romana Kryzanowska at the “Pilates Studio” originally created by Joseph Pilates. Michael is the founder and director of the “Pilates Institute” UK until 2008 and then created his own training school “Michael King Pilates”.

Nuala Coombs :

Nuala Coombs has been practicing Pilates since 1979. As a founding member of the Pilates Institute UK with Michael King, she is at the forefront of the teaching, development and innovation of the method.

Over the past ten years, Nuala has trained numerous students around the world and regularly speaks at international “Mind and Body” conventions.

His book “Pilates & Golf” published in 2005 was sold throughout Europe and the United States. Since leaving the “Pilates Institute” UK, Nuala has been based in France and works at the “le Loft” Pilates studio in Ramatuelle.

Eva Winskill :

Eva Winskill trained in Pilates in 1983 in London with Mickel King, then continued to practice Pilates for several years at “Body Control” as well as with Alan Herdman in London and with Romama Kryzanowska in New York.

Eva has been responsible for the “Pilates Institute” France since 2001.

She is director of the “Fit Studio” and has had her own Pilates studio “le Loft” in Ramatuelle since 2004.

I also had the honor of meeting Katy Corey and Alan Herdman in 2012, two world leaders in the world of Pilates, during training workshops.